Slice of Life :: Road Trip

This collection of images is part of my Slice of Life series. I wanted to share a personal set of photos, since the whole inspiration behind Slice of Life, was to begin offering the style of photography that I do in my everyday life to my clients.

A few weeks ago we took a family road trip to upstate NY to visit family. We have done this trip many, many times. This time I wanted to share just the photos from the “on the road” portion of the adventure. We drove half way there in the evening, stayed in a hotel over night, then finished the rest of the trek. All in all, it takes us about 8 hours of driving. One of the highlights of the road trip is getting to stay in a hotel. The kids love it! It’s more than just a hotel room to them. It’s a place where they get to jump up on the bed and get to stay up later than usual. That is one of the amazing things about travel with kids, the simplest things are awesome to them.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into our typical family road trip. If you missed my first Slice of Life blog post, you can check it out here : Beder Family Fun.

Have an idea about an outing that would be great to document in this photographic style? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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