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When I first saw Olivia with her violin, I knew I wanted to photographer her playing it. There was something about how she connected with it. The concentration. The sincere effort to make music. I wanted to capture that. Prior to the photo shoot I told Olivia’s mother that she should just wear whatever she wants. And she did. And it was awesome.

I had her sit on the beanbag and asked her to play. She played on, then eventually she stopped, looked up at me and said “Are you going to keep taking pictures?”  I nodded yes, and she said “Well, this is weird”. That totally made me laugh, but I could see where she was coming from. All told, I photographed her for maybe 20 minutes- but that is all I really need to capture what I wanted. The essence of Olivia-her quirky, fresh style. Her colorful personality. How she went into her own little world as she concentrated on playing the violin.

I’m really happy with how these images turned out. When I look at them, they make me smile. I hope you enjoy them too.

Film Scans by Richard Photo Lab (last 4 black and white images)
Hair Accessory by Cutie Couture

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