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To do, or not to do a First Look. This is a question couples often ask me in the beginning stages of their wedding planning. Now when I got married, people didn’t really do them, so I didn’t have to make this decision. I was a pretty traditional bride though, so I knew I did not want to see my groom till I walked down the aisle. But there are so many things I love about including this in your wedding day. Primarily, when you do a First Look you give yourselves more time for your portraits and bridal party shots. This in turn allows you to be present for more of your cocktail hour- you get to start partying sooner! You have a more relaxed schedule so that makes less stress on your wedding day. That is a good thing, for sure. But if you want to stick to the tradition of not seeing each other till you walk down the aisle, then you should. We can talk about ways to incorporate more photography time into your schedule, and use some of that cocktail hour time to get all those bridal party portraits done.

It essentially comes down to your personal preference. I say that you should go with whatever you had your heart set on. No matter what, that first time you lay your eyes on that special someone on your wedding day, it is going to be amazing!

I wanted to share some images of Haley + Nate  who were married this past Fall at the Woolverton Inn in New Hope, PA. They  chose to do a First Look, and I absolutely love the amazing reaction Nate has when he sees his Bride-To-Be. Be sure to scroll down, you don’t want to miss it!

New Hope Wedding PhotographerNew Hope Wedding PhotographerWoolverton Inn, PA PhotoNew Hope Wedding PhotographerWoolverton Inn, New Hope PA Photo

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