Love & Joy for the Holiday Season

I was definitely blessed with a busy Fall season. Between documenting weddings, family sessions and a few other celebrations, my schedule was chock full- and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But as I wind down and start to prepare for my holiday break, I wanted to share a shoot I did for my ┬áholiday card.

People always ask me if I have a million pictures of My Boys. I don’t have quite that many, but I sure do photograph them a lot. And I am just like everyone else- I want to document those milestone: birthdays, school events, and of course, the holiday photo. I had the vision of what I wanted my holiday card to look like for a while. I pretty much was basing my whole image around three things: hats, field, sunset. Now I just needed to execute it. As December rolled around, and I worked on editing all ┬ámy clients photos and designing their holiday cards, I started to panic that I had not even photographed my kiddos yet. So, the next day, I decided I just had to get it done. As I ushered my son off the bus and back home to get dressed, I knew we had 28 minutes before the sun set. The field I wanted to use was 10-15 minutes away after you factored in the crazy holiday traffic. As we drove there, I prepped the boys for what I was planning on doing, and that we would have to rush. By the time we parked we had 12 minutes left of the golden hour. There were a few people in the park walking their dogs who definitely gave me some crazy looks as My Boys and I ran past them (the field I wanted was all the way on the other side of the park- of course!) as I yelled “C’mon Boys!! We are losing light!!” I practically threw my kids into the spot I had scoped out earlier and just started shooting. The whole “session” took less time than it did for me to write this blog post, but it was done!

I ended up using a totally different image than my original vision for my cards. But as I often find during shoots, the “outtakes” turn out to be the best stuff. I hope you enjoy the images and that all of you are finishing up with your work, and are able to focus on what is really important in life: your family, your friends, and your wellbeing.

My work presence won’t be totally gone these next few weeks, but I will be taking a break from sessions and less active in blogging, posting and on email. I am excited to return in full force mid-January. In the meantime, I will be giving my website and blog a face lift and working on some wonderful new stuff for 2013. I can’t wait!

Be well, and have a happy, healthy holiday season.



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