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{ Let it Snow :: Princeton Children’s Photographer } If you are in my neck of the woods, then this white stuff was part of your Sunday as well. I honestly didn’t even think the snow was going to stick. We were expecting a light dusting, but we were much more excited to get some real snow! As soon as my youngest son saw those big fluffy flakes coming down, he needed to get out there. At that point there wasn’t enough to really play in, but that didn’t seem to matter. After 30 minutes we were back inside warming up. Shortly after heading inside, my oldest decided he was now ready to venture out there. There was no way my youngest was going to miss out on a second round of fun, so he suited back up, too.  We all headed into our backyard, which had now transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland, for more snow play. It’s such an utter joy to watch the kids frolic in the snow. If we let them stay out there for hours they would have. Throwing snow, catching it on their tongues, rolling around in it- it was pure bliss for My Boys. I, personally, am not much for the cold, but it’s worth it to see that type of happiness. When they finally came inside, we did our typical post-snow routine: hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. We know the snow won’t last long, but we hope to see some more of it before years end!

Stay warm everyone and have a great day!
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