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When I shot my first wedding I cried. It told me right then, that I was doing something I love. For me, the gauge of whether or not I am on the right path is my emotional investment in it. As I edited these photos, I smiled a lot. I laughed. The images made me feel happy. That was all I needed to know. This was a good fit.

This style of photography is how I document my family life. Whether it is arts and crafts or pizza night, I love having all those experiences captured on camera. I have been wanting to offer a session like that to my clients. One that focused on the beauty of everyday life. It is meant to be about the relationships and the interactions between the family members doing what comes naturally. No need for matching outfits. No special location to find. I just document you, being you.

I discussed the idea with Allison, the mama of these three beautiful girls. She suggested I come by on a Sunday when they do their TV free family day. Allison said I was sure to see some dancing, playing and possibly some baking. From the moment I arrived, I felt like a guest, not like the photographer. The girls were already in the middle of a dance party, and they welcomed me to join them. My part in the day was simple. I just documented what I saw. They were so comfortable in their own environment and they went about their day without much notice of my camera. It was a wonderful experience to get a glimpse of their life.

As you take in their story below, I hope you too can feel the happiness and see the beauty in these images. Welcome to their Slice of Life. 

Be sure to read the tidbit at the very bottom on how you can have your story documented.

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If this type of session feels like a good fit, please let me know! Do you have something in your everyday life you want to capture  and remember forever? Your weekly shopping trip (I swear, there is beauty in everything!), your Monday music class, or maybe it is your arts and crafts time. The possibilities are endless. If it’s a part of your routine, it’s perfect for a Slice of Life session. Use the contact page to get in touch, and lets make a date to tell your story.


February 21, 2013 - 10:05 am

Gaby - I think you are on to something with these sessions. It is wonderful out of the box idea, and your photos are beautiful!

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