The Socha Family // Hamilton NJ Photographer

The last time I had the Socha Family in front of my lens, there were just two little ones running about. I was very excited to be able to capture all 4 of these adorable kiddos this time around. We had a perfect Spring day and a gorgeous garden setting- add this beautiful family to the mix and what do you get? The images below  🙂  I hope you enjoy this little peek at our afternoon in the garden. Thanks for stopping by the blog to take a look! Hamilton NJ PhotographerHamilton NJ PhotographerHamilton NJ PhotographerSayen GardensCentral Jersey PhotographerHamilton NJ Family PhotographerPrinceton Family PhotographerHamilton NJ Children

May 6, 2015 - 10:52 am

Kathleen Socha - beautiful.

Morning with the Moog Family // Slice of Life Session // Lawrenceville Family Photographer

Is making pancakes a photo worthy experience? I think so. When I think about life years from now, when my kids are grown and out of the house, and it’s really quiet, you know what I will miss? All that small stuff. Making breakfast while they play around in the kitchen. Listening to them laugh and yell and make noise in the living room while I tell them not to jump on the couch. I might even miss picking up all the random legos I find everywhere in my house. The small stuff. That’s the stuff that makes our house a home. That is what I will miss. This is why I love documenting a Slice of Life Session.  These sessions are about the little things. The everyday beauty. Plain and simple, it’s about your little slice of life.

I joined the Moog family last week for their session. I had heard about Jen through mutual friends months before, but I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her till we both volunteered for a school PTO function. Jen had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma this past Fall. I caught up with her story on her blog, Multiple Myeloma Mom, and I felt for her. As a mom, as human, as someone who has seen the toll cancer can take on a life. And as a photographer, the first thing I could think of is that she needs to document her life. Just as it is, right now. So I reached out to her and asked if she would be interested in a Slice of Life Session. I told her it wasn’t a typical portrait session, but I thought that it was so much more than that. She was very excited to do it, and I was happy to be able to offer it to them. I hope when you view the images below, you will agree that capturing the little things really is important.

I wish the Moog Family all the strength, love and resilience that they need to get through the battle ahead of them.  From the short time I spent with them, I could see they were a beautiful family- full of fun, good spirits and joy. I invite you to read more about Jen and her journey on her blog.  Thank you for taking the time to join me here.  I hope this starts of your day off with a smile, and as Jen would say, #gameon





California on Film // Vacation Photography

I was definitely doing some California dreaming on this rainy and cold January day. It seemed like a nice time to share a personal blog post with some photos from my family vacation this past August. We headed to the West Coast to visit my parents and have some fun in the sun. It was two weeks filled with all different kinds of adventures- the beach, the ocean, hiking in the woods, and oodles of sightseeing. While we had a schedule we followed, we made sure to leave a lot of time to explore and roam. This was a refreshing change for my super scheduled family. We didn’t have to fit in any appointments, soccer practices, baseball tournaments or even set bedtimes. It was fabulous. I knew I wanted to travel as light as possible, so I opted to leave my professional DSLR at home and brought my Nikon F100, 1 lens,  and lots of film to document our trip. That gave me a “vacation” from editing too, it was so liberating to shoot film and know that all I had to do was mail it to the lab to be developed! And nothing beats film. I mean the colors, the fine grain, the fact that you need to slow down when you shoot to make sure you get it right in camera- it’s a win-win-win! I’ve selected some of my favorite moments. I hope you enjoy this little slice of life I am about to share. I really can’t wait to get back to California. We are already planning the next trip out there! In the meanwhile, we will have to  rely on the photos to take us back, and keep us warm this winter!

Techie Specs: Shot with my Nikon F100 // 50mm // Kodak Portra 400 & 800 // Ilford XP2 Super 400 // Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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2014 Favorites // Central Jersey Photographer

And just like that, 2014 is over. I am happy to say that because of all my wonderful clients, my year was filled with documenting first birthdays, sibling love, family milestones, new babies and so many other amazing moments. You all have kept me so busy, that I am sure that contributed to the year just flying by. For this I am thankful!

Below I have gathered a small selection of some of my favorites from the year. While I was not able to post every single image that left an impact on me in 2014, this collection will give you a little look into how I spent some of my days, and the lovely people I spent them with!

Thank you for another amazing year, and for choosing Shutter Starr Photography to document your lives. I will be spending January prepping for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more announcements about what is on the horizon, and I’ll be blogging about some exciting things from 2014 that I have yet to share.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it is a happy and healthy one, and I can’t wait to capture it all for you!

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Emma // Mercer County Equestrian Center

Today seemed like the perfect day to share some lovely images of Emma. We met at the Mercer Equestrian Center to do some Fall photos. It was such a fun location for the shoot. Horses are such amazing creatures, and the Mercer Equestrian Center even let Roxy even joined us for some photos. We had a chilly day, but that didn’t stop us! I hope you enjoy this little look into our sunny session.

Mercer County Photographer

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Mercer County PhotographerMercer County PhotographerMercer County PhotographerPetzval Lens NikonMercer County
Mercer Equestrian Center




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