Portrait of a 9 Year Old // Princeton Children’s Photographer

My oldest turned 9 last month. I scheduled doing his portraits just like I would for any client- mostly because if i don’t do it that way, it will never happen! Whenever I do a session with my children, I try to find a place that has some sort of meaning to us. Some place that has significance. For my son’s portraits I decided not to look too far. We hit the canal path  right by our home. We love to walk there and explore. There is always so much to see. On this trip we saw some ducks, a crane, lots of other birds we could’t identify, and some beautiful flowers and foliage. We walked for an hour and just took in the beauty around us. My son climbed trees, picked flowers and we even made up our own bird calls  in hopes of attracting some more feathered friends. The best part of our little adventure? After we finished he told me that couldn’t wait to tell his friends at school about how we explored the swamp and went hiking! I was able to document the start of his 9th year of life and give him some mom + son memories to boot! My job here is done 😉 !

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