For the love of Instagram

From the minute I installed the Instagram  App on my iPhone, I was in love. I mean I always have some sort of a camera with me at all times, but now I could ditch the point and shoot when I wanted and just have my phone.

What is it that I love about Instagram? It just fits so nicely into everyday life. I like to document everything and anything that peaks my interest. The green juice I just made- snap! The stack of wood I just walked by- snap! Just like that, I have captured that tiny part of my day in my digital memory keeper. And while someone looking at my feed may think “oh that is a pretty cupcake”, I will remember that pink lemonade cupcake was from a weekend spent with fellow photographers as we discussed our 2013 goals. Each square tile will jog my memory and allow me to hold on to details in my life that I could easily have slipped through the cracks. We all remember the big occasions, but sometimes those small things really add up to be the stuff that makes us smile, the bits of happiness that get us through the day. So whether or not you have Instagram,  remember to take pictures of everything. I mean it. Everything. Your slippers. Your kids in a waiting room. Your dinner. You will be happy that you did. It will make you recognize the beauty in your everyday life.

Below is just a tiny taste of my Instagram feed. If you want to see more of my everyday inspiration, you can find me there at jennstarrkelly. And I would love to see tidbits of your life, too. Comment below with your account name so I can follow you !

Stay tuned for a future blog post where I will share my Instagram printed books- the next important thing for you to do so you can have those digital memories live in the real world.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


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