Love & Light in the Golden Hour // Princeton Family Photographer

Love & Light in the Golden Hour // Princeton Family Photographer The forecast for the next few days is cold and rainy. Not my favorite combination, but not much I can do about Mother Nature and her plans. So instead of worrying about the impending rain, I thought I would blog about this delightfully light, and bright Golden Hour Session I photographed last week. I really enjoy the Fall season . It is so beautiful right now with all the colors starting to peek out amongst the vibrant green leaves.  Those warm reds and pumpkin orange tones are so inviting.

The Rich Family joined me for some exploring in woods and neighboring corn field. Over the years I have gotten to know the family and each session we do something a little different. Whether it is a new location, or different time of day, we mix it up. Variety is the spice of life after all!  Our time was mostly spent running around and discovering all the different  spots that surrounded us. The light was changing every 10 minutes and it made for gorgeous variations in yellow and oranges hazes that followed us around.

I hope you enjoy these images filled with family fun and sun kissed colors.

Have a great weekend!

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Olivia Turns One // Hamilton Children’s Photographer

I smiled the whole time I edited this session. Olivia is such a cutie, you can’t help but smile when you see her. She kept make this adorable “surprised face” (the first image in the post) during the session- it gave me quite a laugh. We really couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning. We paired Olivia with some pretty light, lovely flowers, and a tasty cake, and that gave us this fabulous First Birthday/Cake Smash Session. Be sure to scroll to the bottom- I had to include the last photo in the post, it was right when we had to take the cake away to package it back up. Don’t you just feel like crying with her? I mean, we took away her cake!

Have a great Monday everyone. Hope you enjoy this little dose of sweetness for the start of your week!

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New Baby Sister // Robbinsville Newborn Photographer

New Baby Sister // Robbinsville Newborn Photographer  Newborn Sessions have quickly become one of my favorite ones to shoot. Especially Lifestyle type sessions where you get to document the genuine interaction of the family. Here are some of my favorite shots from my session with sweet little Celine and her family.

Hope everyone is having a great Summer and thanks for joining me on the blog!

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Matthew’s Dinotastic Birthday Celebration :: Hopewell NJ Family Photographer

I think that starting out this Monday with Matthew’s 5th Birthday celebration is the perfect thing. Who could’t use a little fun to start the week? Plus, it was a dinosaur themed birthday so that is an added element of awesome!

I was so happy to join the Matthew and his family to documenting their special day. One thing I had always wished I had done was hire someone to photograph my parties. There’s always so much going on, it’s hard to host the party and document it! I am hoping that having me there allowed them to really just enjoy the moment, as these wonderful times fly by so quickly!

The dino theme was so much fun-there was dino bingo, a tyrannosaurus piñata, and the kiddos even got to break their own geode!  How could a party like this be any more exciting? Well, Matthew’s festivities took place at the Hopewell Train station, so they even got to cheer and yell as the trains zoomed by! Bonus!

Happy Birthday, Matthew! It was a pleasure celebrating with you. I hope one day you will look back on the images and remember the party as if it just happened!

I hope everyone has a great week and thanks for joining me on the blog!

Warm Regards- Jennifer

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Emma :: Hamilton NJ First Communion Photographer

It is my pleasure to share these photos of beautiful Emma. I have known Emma and her family since she  was a baby. Our children had playdates together before they were even old enough to realize they were on a playdate together!  Now our “babies” are 8 and getting bigger by the minute.  It’s crazy how time flies, and as Emma came upon this milestone, I was honored to be able to document it for her.

This Spring has been so unpredictable weather wise. It was 80 degrees and quite warm for her May Communion day, but we welcomed the bright sky, and the warmth of the sun. Flowers were in bloom, and the trees and shrubbery had lush green leaves that made a beautiful backdrop for our portraits.

I always love seeing the girls in their Communion dresses. They look so angelic and sweet. I think Emma had an air of classic beauty in that dress, and she looked quite lovely.

It is an amazing thing to have these children grow up in from of your lens. I love the opportunity and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

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