Madison in the Garden :: Hamilton Children’s Photographer

I am going to ignore that fact that is snowed last night and focus on this colorful Spring Portrait Session I had with Madison this past weekend. I feel like I had been waiting this whole long winter for the hint of warmer weather so that all my outdoor sessions could begin. Well, it finally happened! We had a beautiful, warm day at the garden. It was bustling with visitors who also wanted a taste of this nicer weather, but we were able to find out own little nooks to shoot our Portrait Session. You could not have asked for more amazing Spring colors! Madison was surrounded by the most lovely yellow and white daffodils (a favorite of mine) and shockingly bright forsythia. They were the kind of colors that left you amazed that this all happens naturally in nature. This session got me so excited for Spring to be in full swing. The best part is that it is just the beginning. Soon all our days will be filled with nicer weather and the warm sun shinning on us. I can’t wait! Till then we will get through this next cool patch, but hopefully these bright and cheery photos will remind you that Spring is here and soon it will feel like it again!

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Alex & Henry Turn One :: Newtown Children’s Photographer

Alex & Henry just turned one! During those first 12 months of life we documented all their milestones: newborn, 6 months and 1 year! It is so fun to capture all the different stages that first year. So much changes from one month to the next- smiles, sitting up, crawling, you name it, that first year has a lot going on. And it is twice as much excitement with twins! I am sure it was a whirlwind experience for their parents (and their big brother!), so hopefully looking back at a years worth of photos will remind them of some of those moments that seemed to be fleeting. It was quite a treat for me too, to be able to watch them grow up in front of my camera! And an added bonus is that these boys are so stinking cute! I must have said that a thousand times while I was photographing them.

I am sure I have said this in past blog posts, so excuse me for repeating myself, but I love documenting little ones in their homes. I just feel like we spend so much time there with our babies, that capturing them in their most comfortable environment makes so much more sense than in a studio.

I hope you enjoy these sweet shots of Alex and Henry, and they help you start your day with a smile!Newtown ChildrenNewtown ChildrenNewtown ChildrenNewtown PhotographerNewtown ChildrenNewtown Family PhotographerNewtown PhotographerNewtown Family PhotographerNewtown Photographer

Meet Sue :: Princeton Headshot Photographer

{ Princeton Headshot Photographer } Do you know Sue? If you do, then you know she is not boring or stuffy. Her headshots shouldn’t be either. It is possible to have professional, corporate headshots that are not stiff and generic. Of course we can get some straight forward, more traditional shots, but they do not need to be devoid of personality. Sue knew what my style of photography was, so when she contacted me she knew we weren’t going to do “stand in front of this gray sheet and smile” type photos. All Sue needed to do was bring a few changes of clothes, and her personality and I would take care of the rest. Our session in Princeton was easy going and fluid. We literally floated from place to place and did some shots here and there. We were lucky to have a warm January day, so we were able to do shots outdoors as well. We talked, we walked, we stopped to take a portrait or two. It was nice and relaxed, just how every portrait session should be.

If you are looking for some not-so-corporate headshots, that reflect your personality and style, give me a ring. It would be my pleasure to capture those images for you.

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Olivia & Her Violin :: Princeton Photographer

When I first saw Olivia with her violin, I knew I wanted to photographer her playing it. There was something about how she connected with it. The concentration. The sincere effort to make music. I wanted to capture that. Prior to the photo shoot I told Olivia’s mother that she should just wear whatever she wants. And she did. And it was awesome.

I had her sit on the beanbag and asked her to play. She played on, then eventually she stopped, looked up at me and said “Are you going to keep taking pictures?”  I nodded yes, and she said “Well, this is weird”. That totally made me laugh, but I could see where she was coming from. All told, I photographed her for maybe 20 minutes- but that is all I really need to capture what I wanted. The essence of Olivia-her quirky, fresh style. Her colorful personality. How she went into her own little world as she concentrated on playing the violin.

I’m really happy with how these images turned out. When I look at them, they make me smile. I hope you enjoy them too.

Film Scans by Richard Photo Lab (last 4 black and white images)
Hair Accessory by Cutie Couture

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Nicholas & Karleigh :: Lambertville Photographer

When I do a photo session, a lot of times people are asking me for recommendations for locations. This time around, my client suggested we shoot in the town that they lived in. I have done some sessions in Lambertville before, so I know how fabulous the downtown area is, so I was immediately on board! What I didn’t expect was that I would end up discovering new parts of the town that I had not been to before. Now that was a treat! Pair that with the fact that Nicholas and Karleigh were so fun and comfortable in front of the camera, and you have the recipe for a good time. They constantly cracked me up as they tried to photo-bomb each other (you can see some examples below), and they each kept the other laughing and smiling. It was pretty awesome. It’s times like these that I realize how lucky I am to have the job that I do. I don’t know too many people (well, other than my fellow photographers) who find constant inspiration in what they do.I returned home from our session and immediately told my husband about how we need to go there and explore as a family, how we had only scratched the surface of that quaint little town. And you know what? We did! We spent a lovely day there over our winter break. I can’t wait to head back there for a personal shoot I am doing in the Spring. I’ll be sure to share those photos, too!

Have a great day, everyone!
– Jennifer

Lambertville Photographer

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