Fields of Yellow // Hamilton NJ Family Photographer

As I type up this blog post, I can hear the rain hitting my windows and the wind blowing agains the side of the house. It is cold and wet outside and I am wishing it were a beautiful Fall day like in the images I am sharing with you below. Speaking of which, I welcome you to take a little look at my session with the beautiful Valletto Family (I truly mean that- they are beautiful inside and out!). I have been photographing this family for a few years now, and it is always such a fun time. It always feels more like we are just hanging out and catching up, rather than photographing a session.

We headed to a local field that was filled with the most lovely, rich colored goldenrods and wild flowers. It was a quiet morning so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There was lots of rooms to explore, run, and play. We couldn’t have asked for much more than that! It was quite windy though, as you will see, but we took that in stride and didn’t let it take away from the wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I hope this brought a little sunshine to your otherwise rainy day!

XO, Jenn

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Baby Amelia // Central Jersey Newborn Photographer

Baby Amelia // Central Jersey Newborn Photographer A Newborn Session is always going to be special. It’s a brand new life brought into this world. So much happiness, love, and emotion- all in this amazing little bundle! When I get to document this occasion for a friend, it makes it even better. Having two children of my own, I can remember how fast and dizzying those first days/weeks/months can be. They weren’t kidding when they said it goes by too fast. I think that it is so important to have those early days documented, so that after those fleeting days have gone, you have something to look back on, and a visual diary of your lives as they were at that special time.

My Session with Amelia and her family was wonderful- loving parents, a sweet baby girl and her bubbly, bright, big sister. Add to that an adorable pooch, and there really isn’t much more you could ask for. This is just a little look at my morning with them. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for joining me on the blog today!

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Slice of Life – Camping Getaway // New Jersey Family Photographer

Last week the scheduling gods smiled down upon us and after a few postponed baseball games, rescheduled photo shoots due to rain, and the planets aligning, my family and I found ourselves with a few unexpected free days. Free days never seem to happen, especially in the Summer. So when we were posed with this magnificent opportunity- we embraced it! The husband and I decide to divide and conquer. I took on the supply shopping and he tackled the gathering of gear, finding a campsite, and packing the car. The kiddos chipped in and packed their own clothes and toys. In a matter of 2 hours we were ready for our impromptu camping trip! It was a lovely escape to the great outdoors. We hiked, painted rocks (for our DIY checkers set), cooked over an open fire, and just enjoyed some much needed family time. I hope you like this peek into our camping getaway. We all had a lot of fun, and as you will see by the last image, the kids were exhausted after using up all their energy exploring and playing!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Have a great weekend!

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Baby Quinn on Film // West Windsor Newborn Photographer

 Baby Quinn on Film // West Windsor Newborn Photographer  Meet Baby Quinn- just 1 week old. Isn’t he precious? I photographed his Lifestyle Newborn Session just over a week ago. His session was pretty special- I documented it both digitally and on film. I don’t typically shoot film for clients (only for my personal work), but I have been wanting to incorporate it into some of my family work. A Newborn Session seemed like a perfect fit. I love the pure, simplicity of black and white film, it really allows the focus to be the subject and composition. I believe the moment really comes through in black and white. I will slowly be adding film options into the Sessions I offer clients. Be sure to let me know if  you think it is something you may be interested in! I hope you enjoy this little look at some sweetness captured on film. Have a great Monday, Everyone!

Shot on my Nikon f100 // Kodak Tri-X400 // Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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Portrait of a 9 Year Old // Princeton Children’s Photographer

My oldest turned 9 last month. I scheduled doing his portraits just like I would for any client- mostly because if i don’t do it that way, it will never happen! Whenever I do a session with my children, I try to find a place that has some sort of meaning to us. Some place that has significance. For my son’s portraits I decided not to look too far. We hit the canal path  right by our home. We love to walk there and explore. There is always so much to see. On this trip we saw some ducks, a crane, lots of other birds we could’t identify, and some beautiful flowers and foliage. We walked for an hour and just took in the beauty around us. My son climbed trees, picked flowers and we even made up our own bird calls  in hopes of attracting some more feathered friends. The best part of our little adventure? After we finished he told me that couldn’t wait to tell his friends at school about how we explored the swamp and went hiking! I was able to document the start of his 9th year of life and give him some mom + son memories to boot! My job here is done 😉 !

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